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Sustainable Assure-IP Certification :

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The food and agriculture system is a heterogeneous, socio and ecological system which plays vital role in global social, environmental and economical development. Among the basic needs, food evolves as first need of human beings to survive on  earth.


The revenue of £3.9 trillion in 2006 makes food and agriculture industry world’s largest single industry. The 50% GDP of developing country depends on agriculture. Hence, for boosting social and economic development agriculture plays vital role in the global economy. But food system is facing complex long term uncertainties because by 2050 the world’s population will reach 9.2 billion, 34% higher than today. 70% increase in the food production will be required in order to feed this large population.


The broken and distracted food system has lead to various social problems such as 75% worlds of rural population is hungry, 30% of these earn less than £1.5 per day.  41% of farmers around the world are women; only 2% of them own land and receive just 5% of extension services.


The above consequences are due to unsustainable handling of food system by their handler because this food system is interlinked with social, environmental and economical developments. These complex uncertainties prompted us to take initiative for Sustainable Assure-IP development and safeguard our future generation's food security.


Now a days consumers are well aware of such problems and are willing to buy products which are eco-friendly, promote greening and support all those sustainable developments. They are also willing to pay competitive prices for products which ensure eco-friendly production practices.


Assure-IP encourages businesses to develop a niche brand under the name of Sustainable Assure-IP. We will provide all the technical assistance in Sustainable Assure-IP development and certification processes.

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Minimum Certification Criteria for

Sustainable Assure-IP






Ethical, Economical & Environmental Friendly

Soil & Water conservation management; biological control of pests; use of organic manure

Health & Safety Management System and control of pollution

Integrated Waste Management and Community Relation

High Level of Animal Welfare & Husbandry Practice

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Sustainability Development Stands for-

1) A development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations to meet their own needs. Brundtland (1987)

2) Sustainable agriculture is a system that can evolve indefinitely towards greater human utility, greater efficiency of resource use and a balance with the environment which is which is favourable to humans and most other species.

Harwood (1990)