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Vegan Assure-IP Certification :

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Vegans are a group of consumers that do not consume or use any product obtained from animals. Unlike vegetarians they do not even consume dairy products, eggs, honey and do not use leather, wool or silk.


Compassion for animals, the concept of saving the environment and / or ethical reasons the main reasons why consumers are demanding a vegan diet.


A 2009 VRG survey said one per cent i.e. two million out of a population of 313 million, or one in 150 people in the US are vegan. A 2012 Gallup poll reported two per cent people in US are vegan. In Europe, The Times calculated that in 2005 there were 250,000 vegans in the UK. In 2006 the Independent reported 600,000, and in 2007 a British government survey showed two per cent of the population as vegan. In the same year Netherlands Association for Veganism calculated that there were 16,000 vegans in the Netherlands which is around 0.1 percent of the population. Each year more and more world’s population is shifting towards a vegan or vegetarian diet. It is predicted by the Vegfest UK that by 2020 55% of UK’s population will be on vegan diet.  


There is huge market for those who identify this niche and produce vegan products for the mass population. There is multibillion pound opportunity in this market. It is seen vital in a modern food processing system where different categories of product may share the same commercial environment, which may inevitably lead to a risk of cross contamination. Therefore business operators who are already producing vegan products can increase their present profit value by adding the essence of Vegan Assure-IP label to their product while those who are willing to produce using an existing line or new line set-up need to demonstrate that integrity of product is maintained through out the processing. To achieve this  Assure-IP has established a robust certification scheme, Vegan Assure-IP Standard VAIP 810011, which is compatible with leading European and International standards; BRC, ISO and the guidelines issued by FSA, FDA, USDA and CODEX and has inbulit clauses of HACCP system. Vegan Assure-IP certification system is based on Identity Preservation (IP) which implies that every ingredient that goes into the making of a product is traced back to its source and its integrity is maintained throughout the Whole Supply Chain.


Our distinguished and strict standards VAIP 81001:2013 for the Vegan Assure-IP certification will build consumers’ confidence in purchasing genuine Vegan Assure-IP certified products. Besides that we will assist our clients for the marketing and promotion of their certified products. Our consultancy will help clients in all technical and regulatory issues involved in developing a genuine vegan brand with the assistance of Vegan Assure-IP.

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Minimum Certification Criteria for

Vegan Assure-IP






Must be Free from Animal based or derived or extracted products / ingredients

PCR Test Confirmity of each Ingredient / Raw Material

Must comply with Non-GMO Assure-IP standard

Should not be processed in the same line used for Non Vegan products

Should not be cross contaminated any of the above